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I was accepted to the University of Dundee to the architecture course, on a partial scholarship. I achieved the grades I needed, packed my bags, and got ready to jet off to my new life at university.
Disaster struck: I was unable to get my visa in time to attend my course. This left me in the awful position of being forced to take a gap year in my studies, and the experience also left me highly wary of anything related to the UKBA – I was convinced that they were targeting me.
Fast forward to a few months later. I had a meeting arranged with a representative from the university, but we hadn’t agreed upon a time. Being unable to contact him, I dialed the number that he’d given me to use in case he wasn’t available. That number just so happened to be IQ Consultants’. They quickly arranged a time for me to meet the representative at their office.
After meeting him, Divya (if you haven’t met her, she’s the lovely lady with the curly hair) sat me down and told me that they could represent me if I wanted; they’d act as a sort of liaison between me and university, and take care of all the nasty details that I’d had to go through alone the previous year, including my visa application. I kid you not, I literally felt this massive weight being lifted from my shoulders upon hearing that they’d take my case on (completely free!).
And from that point on, they took care of me. I had so many questions that I didn’t want to send straight to the university (I felt that I was being too annoying to them), but that Divya and eventually Shanthi were more than happy to look into for me. Whenever I had a doubt about anything, they were my first point of contact. And not only do they look into all the dull stuff that you can’t be bothered with, they take care of you right up to the point that you reach your university – they tell you what to pack and what not to, when to travel, and so on.
I will always be thankful for the coincidence that led me to them, because it’s a coincidence that decided where I am right now.

Thank you, IQ.

Shimali Burah
University of Dundee