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Testimonials - Hissa Abdulla Al Haj


When it was time to apply to universities, I was dreading the thought of essays, application forms, and tests. I did not know where to apply, and what would be the “perfect” university for me to attend. But with the help of IQ Consultants, I finally figured out where I want to go, and what I want to do in the future. They helped me do some research on universities, as well as invited some people from universities so I could meet them and learn more about them. They helped me organize my time, and prepare all that is required to complete my applications.

With the help of IQ Consultants, I was able to get into good universities that I couldn’t decide which one to go to.  They fixed dates for me so I could visit the universities and see which one I really liked. In the end, I decided to accept my offer from De Montford University in Leicester, which I will be attending this fall, and I’ll be studying architecture there. I was very pleased with their help, without them I don’t think I would’ve made a better decision.

Hissa Abdulla Al Haj
De Montfort University
Foundation in Art leading to Architecture