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Why Austria as study destination?

  • Austria is the culture, art & classical music capital of the world. Vienna (the capital) is selected as The Most Livable City of the world.
  • Free education.
  • 40% of state universities are world ranking (by QS, THE, Shanghai)
  • Most affordable living compared to UK, USA, Can, AUS, etc.
  • Permission to work & study (up to €600/month).
  • 3 years education.
  • Graduating from a Bachelor degree guarantees master degree in the same university without any hustle, entrance exam, or min. CGPA requirement.
  • Guaranteed stay permit after graduation.
  • Very safe (3rd in the world) for youngsters and girls.
  • English courses available (also free).
  • Schengen visa (travel to almost 30 countries without visa).
  • Education is FREE for almost all 3rd world countries.
  • 1st German university in the world is University of Vienna.
  • Vienna is recognized as “The Art Capital of the World”. Especially when It comes to classical music, painting and sculpting. Austria hosted greatest composers of the history such as Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin.
  • 8th highest employment in the world.
  • Annual average income $46,650 per person (GDP-PPP).
  • Ferdinand Porche – an Austrian engineer, father of Porche, creator of Volkswagen, designer of the first Mercedes Kompressor and the first Hybrid car in the history. He also attended classes at Vienna Technical University.
  • Despite Graz is a relatively small city with quarter million population, almost all state universities in this city are in TOP 500 university rankings in the world.
  • No need to know/study German for English medium courses. Most bachelor courses are in German but there are various options for bachelor degree in English language in Austria. Master programmes are available in English too.
  • Vienna is the best city in the world according to Forbes Magazine & mercer World Cities Liveability Ranking. Travel to Budapest, Prague, Paris, Rome, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, Monaco, Milano or Brussels for the weekend.
  • Offers the best healthcare and transportation service in the world.
  • Everything and everywhere is within access even without a car.
  • 3rd richest country in the world.
  • Students are allowed to work up to 80hrs (20 hrs per week) or €600 per month.
  • After graduation, government provides 1 year “additional visa” to find a job or open a business in Austria.
  • Does not need blocked account and student can withdraw all their money as soon as they get their visa.