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IQ  Study Abroad Division

IQ  Study Abroad Division operates as the Indian  representative  of select high quality institutions in the US, UK,  Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia enrolling students from Indian Sub continent. This division selects students for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Management, Information Technology, Law, Engineering and other programs at the institutions

IQ Test Prep Division.

IQ works as a leading test preparation center in India, with a proven track record in producing high score results for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE and GMAT. IQ’s success results from a focused approach to conquering the tests, which places emphasis on thinking your way to a high score. IQ not only strengthens students’ fundamental skills, but more importantly, it provides students with a full understanding of the test style and question type, thus ensuring that students can master the test. Coupling the skills IQ teaches students with a library of questions that students can practice at home is the key to its effectiveness.  IQ works very closely with schools and colleges to improve the prep standards

At each session, we will cover key topics and question types of the tests, delve into the concepts with great detail, and provide sufficient practice and drills to crystallize the concepts taught. At the end of the course students will have the ability and techniques needed to ace the tests